These Are The 8 Best Movies Of 2019

It has been an intense and varied cinematographic year, but it is coming to an end. These are the best movies in 2019.

Silvio (and the others)

The first great movie of the year is this operatic satire about the empire of Silvio Berlusconi, perhaps the movie that Paolo Sorrentino was doomed to make. It is a miracle that a comedy as corrosive and as political (wrong mind) as this has been released, but even more miraculous is the interrogation of Toni Servillo as Il Cavaliere.

The Vice Of Power

More politicians are not recommended being filtered by directors who, of course, do not like them very much. What Adam McKay does with Dick Cheney, thanks to a cast in a state of grace, is an evisceration of the last decades of American politics, characterized by his ride of excesses and abuses of power.

The Favorite

Emma Stone and Rachel Weisz fight for a place under the skirts of Queen Olivia Colman in which, without a doubt, it is one of the most punk and aggressive films that has sneaked into the Oscars since … always? Yórgos Lánthimos, we take off our hat (18th-century style).


Shyamalan closes his superhero trilogy with a bitter, unpredictable, and deep reflection on the role of fantasy in an increasingly hostile universe with everything that smells extraordinary. His third act is a most radical pirouette, but nothing in this brilliant piece of camera responds to expectations: his thing is to volatilize them.

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

One of those documentaries that you simply cannot see with your mouth shut. In 2017, a professional scammer and a rapper went partying to the private island of Pablo Escobar with a few supermodels. The goal was to set up a music festival there. This is the story of everything that went wrong … and everything that is more in our culture of the influencer.

The Old Man & the Gun

Robert Redford’s last greeting on the stage is a film destined to leave you with a smile on your lips and a warm feeling on your chest, as few icons have said goodbye with a gesture as silky and lyrical as this. So good that it makes it look simple.

The Blues Of Beale Street

Adaptation of the classic ‘If Beale Street Could Talk,’ one of the major works of the African-American writer James Baldwin, that a Barry Jenkins fresh out of ‘Moonlight’ transforms into a hundred percent sensory drama. Cinema in full bloom that has gone too unnoticed in Spain, but seems destined to last.

Creed II The legend of rocky

It’s not as round as the first installment, but there are times when you only need a boxing movie that leaves you as satisfied and energized as a hip-hop concert. Michael B. Jordan gets back like a bull, but the lion’s share corresponds to a Dolph Lundgren that had never been so well-tuned.