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Five Marketing Tricks For Restaurants On Your Menu

Did you know that the menu is one of the main marketing tools for restaurants? Yes! It is a powerful and silent salesman who, well optimized, can grow your business sales. To achieve this, you have to perform a few strategies that require observation, common sense, and creativity. If the time has come to re-design your menu for your restaurant, these six tricks are for you:


Highlight the dishes that your customers like best

Ideally, the dishes on your menu match your customers' buying habits, as this guarantees that they will consume them. For that, analyze your sales and determine which are your most popular and profitable dishes. Then, highlight them in your letter as follows:

Locate them in the upper right corner, the center, or in the lower-left corner, as they are the areas where customers pay more attention, according to what they call The Golden Triangle in restoration.

Place irresistible images of these dishes, yes, and the more realistic they are, the better the response they will have.

Facilitate The Choice Of Dishes For Your Customers

A letter with more than four pages has a negative effect on customers. In fact, reading more than seven dishes in a row can cause some anxiety over the difficulty of choice. In this sense, you have to lose the fear of eliminating products that sell little, even if they are appetizing. With this action, you will also avoid losing food and, of course, money.

The best solution is to have a modest menu but with the best that comes out of your stove. This option will make the menu for your restaurant more comfortable for the customer. You can give priority to your specialties, popular dishes, simple and profitable dishes, and even a children's menu and a menu of the economic day that is always appreciated.

Put Detailed Descriptions Sell More

Stimulate your clients with detailed descriptions, not long ones, where you use evocative and tempting words. This trick helps the customer make his purchase decision, giving him more information and greater security in what he is going to ask for.

Take Advantage Of Restaurant Marketing Trends

It's not that you have to change your menu constantly, but there are marketing techniques on the menu for restaurants that you can apply according to the time of the year. How to place dishes with seasonal ingredients. Your clients will be more tempted than usual. Creativity is key.

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